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How Truthier Must The Underlings Be To Congress?

We all know that Godless Democrats are Liars, so when we have Godless Democrat Penetta openly clarifying that he can not validate the alleged briefing reports, and openly recommends that it is the Congress's Job to solve which parts were truthier enough, we know that ONLY with the Majikal powers of a WarPresident can this be clarified as being truthier enough!
As Greg Sargent notes, this is far short of an unequivocal guarantee that the briefings document released last week is accurate. Instead, it appears to restate Panetta's earlier admission that the he can't vouch for the document's accuracy. Or put more directly, it's up to Congress to figure out whether our records are accurate or not.
[ cf Panetta: It's Up To Congress To Figure Out Whether Our Records Are Accurate ]
So clearly Pelosi must show that she has at any time been aware of what ever it is that she should have known to be able to know if she knew any of the stuff that she is alleged to have known, and if in saying that she is underclear about which parts of what stuff is both factual and historical....

Is it even truthier to say that we know that the documents alleged to have been released are actually the released documents, since, well, as we know, they were released under the Penetta regime, and he is not a part of the correct Unitary Executive Principle, since he works for a civilian president....

( cf CIA: We’re Right About Torture Briefings, But Please Don’t Take Our Word For It )

So when we are talking about the need for nancy to 'prove it', we could start with
As reported in the press, a cover letter from CIA Director Panetta accompanying the briefings memo released this week concedes that the descriptions provided by the CIA may not be accurate.
[ cf Pelosi Points To Panetta Letter Warning Descriptions Of Briefings May Be Inaccurate ]
and must wonder, did the alleged release of documents really contain any documentation?

If they do not represent a truthful representation to congress, then would that be a misrepresentation?

But if the Peneta regime is not willing to vet whether or not they are misrepresenting the CIA.... Then....

Oh, that's right, Nancy is a Girl!!!
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