drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Will Rumsfeld Support The Troops?

In light of the Glorious Victories of The DOD over the Intelligence Community, what exactly does Rummy Mean with:
Secretary Rumsfeld made it clear to reporters he had nothing to say about Tuesday's announcement by President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad that Iran has enriched uranium to a level used in nuclear power plants. "I'd rather wait and see what our experts say about it. I've not seen the statement, I've not had a chance to analyze anything that they've said and nor have I had a chance to talk to the people who have the responsibility in the United States government for making judgments and assessments with respect to things like that," he said.
[ cf VOA: Rumsfeld Dismisses Reports of Military Plan on Iran ]
If the Stove Pipers of Deniable Intelligence Product { that the President Will Randomly Declassify to leak to the press to help explain why the president supports the american fighting forces in Iran who are ever glorious and ever victorious } are no longer reporting directly to Rummy? Does this mean that they are Reporting to Dick?

Or has the Real Politik come that the President is no longer waisting precious american tax dollars on alledged Intelligence Product.

One also has to be amused by the close out of the VOA piece:
Secretary Rumsfeld said recent criticism by former high level Pentagon officials was normal and to be expected. He also strongly denied that a sharply critical article written by retired Marine Lieutenant General Greg Newbold, who resigned in part because of his opposition to the Iraq war, was having any effect on the secretary's ability to carry out his job.
Ok, So I have to ask the unasked question:
Does Rumsfeld Have A Blue Dress???
or will all americans support him even if he is unwilling to support the American Troops In Iran, who are still ever gloriously and ever victoriously winning against the Evil Doers Everywhere!!!

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