drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

This pelosi problem

I am not at all sure that I get what this tempest in the teapot is all about?

Do folks really believe that the CIA, and let us be honest, anyone in the whole 'Intelligence directorate', which, as we all know, under the Unitary Executive Principle, means anyone who believes that they are acting on the orders of the WarPresident, whether real or imaginary, should be obliged to tell Congress that they are currently engaged in war crimes?

So what is wrong with what Pelosi has said?

If the CIA was following the orders of John Yoo and friends, as the Obama Administration is allowing that they were allowed to do, then the CIA need not report to congress that they have opted in for a series of useless war crimes for strictly domestic consumption.

OR is the argument suppose to be constructed that the CIA briefed congress that they were engaged in War Crimes but that the fig leaf of the John Yoo and friends was a sufficiency of cover as to allow them to do so....

OR is the real problem here that we have to finally deal with the reality that the CIA was no longer in the loop at the time it was reporting to congress.

At which point we can get back to the other fun here - would Pelosi showing what the CIA said, in what is alleged to be a classified briefing, be merely one more case of 'exposing means and methods' - in the same sense that the US Laws against the Use of Torture, and the convictions won by the Reagan Administration with regards to water boarding, merely, uh.... Now how does that game play itself out...

I mean, wouldn't it be simpler for the GOP leadership to just step up to the plate, and demonstrate that they had been in the same meetings, and in fact that the CIA had established that they had engaged in war crimes, and were not at all worrying about the problems that leaking such war crimes to congress would mean.

Since, well, clearly if there were members of the GOP leadership who had been in such meetings, then clearly they have the actual evidence to show that Pelosi is lying....

Oh dear me.... Is that really the root cause problem here?

That the GOP leadership has forgotten what proof and provability means? That they are no longer able to bring forth evidence that will defend their position, and repudiate the falacies of our enemies in a time of war??? Or are they still torturing the right people to gain access to these proofs that the CIA had always been truthful about the commission of war crimes in a time of transferring the Tax Liabilities unto the Future Normal UBU!
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