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did they move the comedy channel?

Finding a "smoking gun" linking Iraq and al Qaeda became the main purpose of the abusive interrogation program the Bush administration authorized in 2002, a former State Department official told CNN on Thursday.

The allegation was included in an online broadside aimed at former Vice President Dick Cheney by Lawrence Wilkerson, chief of staff for then-Secretary of State Colin Powell. In it, Wilkerson wrote that the interrogation program began in April and May of 2002, and then-Vice President Cheney's office kept close tabs on the questioning.

"Its principal priority for intelligence was not aimed at preempting another terrorist attack on the U.S. but discovering a smoking gun linking Iraq and al Qaeda," Wilkerson wrote in The Washington Note, an online political journal.

Wilkerson, a retired Army colonel, said his accusation is based on information from current and former officials. He said he has been "relentlessly digging" since 2004, when Powell asked him to look into the scandal surrounding the treatment of prisoners at Iraq's Abu Ghraib prison.

"I couldn't walk into a courtroom and prove this to anybody, but I'm pretty sure it's fairly accurate," he told CNN.

[ cf Powell aide says torture helped build Iraq war case ]
Makes you wonder
Who do you have to torture to get the need to restore the wetlands of IranqIstania?
And yes, we need to start sorting out why it is that Envrionmental Extremists were so intent on restoring the wetlands that they were willing to turn to Torture?

Can there be any clearer proof that Libreal Environmentalists are BAD!

{ and why is the evil liberal media still spewing the propoganda that we went into IranqIstania for any other reason than to restore the wetlands? }
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