drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Should Software Be Viable?

Would open sourcing the Alco-Hol-Breather test systems be a gooder thing? (cf state v. chun )

Seems that some smart person opted to get his hands on the source code as a part of contesting a DWI...

But, uh, wouldn't that mean that if we allow folks to check the source code for things like the DUI/DWI breathelizers, then wouldn't folks want access to the source code for how the GreatLeader and his Pack of GOD HATING AMERIcAN BASHING Liberals are selected?

{ remember happy kampfers, that dubya in the role of War President is unassailable, but in the role of his having been the patsy of the Left, which is the new truthier role, it is clear that failure of voting machines to elect the correct GOP candidate in 2000 and 2004 are clear signs that we should not leave the the software for selecting Great Leader in the hands of those who are Soft on RedCommunistNationalSocialistIslamoCryptoZionist Wall Street Types. }
Tags: geek_stuff, republican_pron

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