drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

More Americans Are Pro-Life...

I'm not sure that validating the Kultur Of Death, and it's Stinking Hippie Draft Dodger Culture, with being pro-life is quite what the Defeatist Rumour Mongers meant....

In related News
A court in Dubai has found a woman who lost her unborn child in a traffic accident guilty of manslaughter in what is said to be an unprecedented ruling.

The Lebanese woman, who was nine months pregnant at the time, was also ordered to pay blood money. She said she had not caused the accident.

The judge based the ruling on Islamic law. The court said the rights of unborn babies needed to be protected.
[ cf UAE fines mother over baby death ( emphasis in original } ]
I mean, what sort of Hard left, Revolving Door of Liberalism in Jutice is it that they didn't just take her straight away to a firing squad....

Is it just me, or are YOU tired of all of these HORRORS Obamanations against GOD! and the filthy spread of the evil liberalism!!!

{ for our slow readers. Yes, I support the Use of B-52's in the fighter bomber close support role, since nothing says loving and Pro-Life like an Arc-light strike. Which of course puts me on the Actual Pro-American side of the line here, unlike the draft dodgers in the psuedo-con side of the game... }

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