drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Will conviction Pelosi be a good idea?

Hey Boys and NotRealPerKin, what you think about the whole New Majikal
Drill Here!
Drill NOW!
Reduce The ThingusOfPooh!
that must clearly be a clarion call by the defeatist kapitulationist kut and runner draft dodger kultur of death to have a TRUE War Crimes Tribunal!
Gingrich says he believes CIA officials when they say Pelosi was told about waterboarding in a 2002 briefing. Pelosi said Thursday that Congress was told about waterboarding but was assured that the technique wasn't being used.
[ cf Gingrich predicts inquiry of Pelosi CIA claims ]
Now do not get me wrong here folks.

If Draft Dodging Dirty Stinking Hippies like Ronald Reagan, under the Unitary Executive Principles, were getting convictions for folks who were water boarding prisoners, back in the 80's! It is clear that Freaks Like The Gnewtster may not want to go dredging up this muck to much.

I mean, do we really want to get back into the whole Mire of which RINO's were more draft dodging than other RINO's who did not have DD214's validating their raison d' etre!

So should we really be asking why it is that Water Boarding is even a part of the discussion????
Tags: republican_pron, torture, war_crimes

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