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More Godless Liberals Pushing Christians Under Death Trains

Let's all wish Carrie Prejean a Happy Birthday. Miss California USA turns 22 today, and thanks to a garbled pageant answer on national television and the support of the National Organization for Marriage, she's poised to become the new Anita Bryant before she hits 23. God help us all.

Last week I watched the movie Milk for the first time. It was a little overdue, I know, especially because I rooted for Sean Penn throughout the Oscar season never having seen his performance. I just didn't want Mickey Rourke to win for some reason.

[ cf Carrie Prejean, Let's Talk About Milk ]
and the rest of the article is the same level of Liberal Code Speak which all comes down to how they Hate America and want to Slaughter all of the True Believers because they love Capital Gaines Taxes.

Makes me wonder which one of the Godless Unamericanists in the Evil Liberal Media coined "IslamoFascism" to cover up the whole "IslamoCryptoZionist" conspiracy that has been spawned to create the Gay Marriage AgendanistaIsms!!!

{ oh did I mention that the Liberals hate Dick Cheney, because they think that he is merely trying to distract people about the fact that he has always been aligned with the IslamoCryptoZionist to back his Capital Gaines tax based Excess Governmental Regulation of the Free Trade In Free Markets!!!! Which clearly caused innocent girls like the Miss California to be lead astray by unfaithful ones... }
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