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There are battle lines being drawn...

Hum... Fox is saying that DearOldDick is defending the Bush years. VOA is offering:
Former Vice President Dick Cheney and several religious leaders are the latest to add their voices to the national debate over harsh interrogation techniques used on some terrorism suspects during the Bush administration.

The political battle lines in the torture debate seem to be hardening.
Religious opponents of torture say they are less concerned with the politics of the issue than doing the right thing.

Linda Gustitus, the president of the National Religious Campaign Against Torture, says her group has launched a major effort to convince the public that any form of torture is morally wrong and should be banned.

[ cf Battle Lines in Torture Debate Harden ]
In related news, from the thin edge of the wedge in the KulturKampf:
U.S. military officials say an American soldier was charged Tuesday with killing five of his colleagues at a U.S. base in Baghdad.

Major General David Perkins, an army spokesman told reporters in Baghdad that Sergeant John M. Russell was charged with five counts of murder and one count of aggravated assault.

Russell allegedly shot and killed his colleagues Monday at a Camp Liberty counseling clinic where soldiers seek help for stress.

The spokesman said Russell was probably on his third tour of duty in Iraq, and was due to leave soon. He said the soldier's weapon had been taken away, but that Russell got another weapon and returned to the clinic.

[ cf US Soldier Charged with Killing Colleagues in Iraq ]

Makes me wonder if the pro-war types are going to claim this guy as a Great War Hero of the Kultur Kampf, and his willingness to strike back at those who are being lead astray by the Obamanation.

Or is the reality here that a part of the Problem is that the ProWarCrowd is working very, very, very, very hard to makes sure folks understand that the crucial issue here is the torture debate - and how at no time did the ProWarTypes ever advocate the military option, nor did they dress up in drag about supporting the president to support the troops.

And while we are at it, this with the whole thing about a tax revolt in a time of an armed insurrection while the nation may or may not be in a time of war while in the middle of a Transference of the Fiscal Liability unto the unborn baby UBU. How could anyone have taken that serious? Or that it was in any way an actual call to an actual armed insurrection in which there is actual american on american combat....

Hum.... What if the problem here is that once again the DOD is reaching for a legal law enforcement option, and not for the Total Mission Accomplished Dance.... You know, the only way to deal with terrorists who attack americans is to send american troops over there, and take some hostages, so that we can use harsh methods on them....

So, in this case why aren't the Pro-War Wheenies growing a pair and demanding this this trooper be shipped to GitMo....

Ah the questions, and the question... and still we wait for the full on Stabbed In The Back to get kicking it down the road...
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