drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

A brief moment of Happy.

If you know were the CPAN is, well I am sooooo happy to have put up my new round of code up there.

Long story short - I wanted to make it simple for madmerle to write simple scripts, that would use a simple standardizable CLI interface.

So since I still control the Wetware name space, I figured I would work up the code as a Proof of Concept, post it, and be happy.

But to get what i wanted, I needed to start solving how to do the Test::Class::Load quick trick, that is too cool, and, welll that would mean forcing some simple things that I soooooo never want to have to write again, and that leads us to a Wetware::Test::Suite and the Wetware::Test::Class, that would ultimately lead to the Wetware::Test::Class::Load and then the UNNIKE ONE, and his evil liberal Economics Model WHINED about how in some other coding languages they gots them parsers that write stubs of the code in Foo into a Foo::TestSuite, to use the Perl Idiom, rather than the APOSTASY OF THAT OTHER THING FROM OVER THERE...

{ do I sound like I have some level of coding related issues? }

Anyway that leads to creating Wetware::Test::CreateTestSuite as a stand alone that needs the other two, and becomes the NIGHTMARE FROM CLEVLAND!!!

But gives me a great chance to learn about things like, well, why it is that I may need to do foo or bar or baz... about getting the debugger to do....

and this, and that, and NOW I am looking around and need to work on how to go forward from here...
Tags: geek_stuff

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