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More Cranky....

Ok, so I HATE BILLBILL since he is the root cause for one of the stoopidist things I have ever heard. He in essence proposed the "Economic Wanker's Theory" for a software development process. For those of you not aware of the original gag:
Two Economists were walking down a Road.
The first one notices a $100 bill on the road.
The other explains that if it were a $100 bill,
then someone would have already picked it up.
So they walked on, knowing that it could not be.
So, well, I opted to stop crying in my Ideological Purity that my new trick did not allow me to do the simple solution.

Then Last Night, AFTER STOMPING CRANK out of my distro - I stumbled upon that EVIL OF EVIL,
I Read The Docs,
And then I read the code too...
And it came to me. Why yes, it was not going to be simple, but it was going to be solvable...

So I am up at the CRACK OF DAWN trying to get it to FREAKING WORK!!!!

AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! I hate my code monkey friends!!!!
Tags: geek_stuff

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