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Elvis Pegs Irony Meter!

Oh Yes Boys and NonPerkin, the KulturKampf is getting CRAZEY:
LOS ANGELES, California -- Miss California USA Carrie Prejean "breached her contract" by keeping semi-nude photos a secret and could be stripped of her beauty queen title, according to a state pageant spokesman.

Miss California USA Carrie Prejean may lose her crown because of some semi-nude photos she appeared in.

Prejean said the photos -- taken when she was 17 and aspiring to be a Victoria's Secret model -- were being used in a "vicious and mean-spirited" effort to silence her for "defending traditional marriage."
"They are going over the legalities and clearly she breached her contract," Neal said. "When you compete for Miss California, you're supposed to disclose whether you posed for nude or semi-nude photos because it's grounds for disqualification.

[ cf Topless photo could cost Prejean pageant crown ]
Hey Kids, why don't she hire John Yoo and His Boy Toy Bybee, and they can write some Titty Torture Memoes, and like everyone will understand that it is all about protecting us, Jack Bauer Style, from UnBelieves....

Yeah, and she can publish the true inside story about how she was in a Love Triangle With Elvis and E.T. who both want to fone home...

So Yes Boys and NonPerkin, when it comes to defending tradtional marriage, the MOST IMPORTANT THING is the Permante Capitale Gains Tax Cuts so that persons can be fully depreciated within the marriage.

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