drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Deepening Persecution Of White Christian Americans In Evil Nancy Pelosi Land...

I was SHOCKED, just SHOCKED to find out that God Hating America Bashing Michael Savage, the Nancy Pelosi Land, mouth of UnAmericanism For God Haters has been banded from entering the UK. ( cf SF radio host Michael Savage, banned from Britian: "Will they ban my listeners too? )

Well, now that the British have decided that Dangerous Radical Hard leftists, and the White Christian Americans, such as the Nancy Pelosi Liberals from "god hates fags", a few neo nazi's, and some old skool KKK folks will not be allowed in the UK....

We really have to wonder why they are lumping all of those types in the same bundle?

Or is this just a new wave of Anti-Nancy PelosiIsm that is spreading the world!!!

{ some in the UK say that Rush and HanoiAnnie Coulter are just not Nancy Pelosi Enough to be banned in Britain. Talk about Jap Slapping the Face of the Republican Wank-a-thon!!! }
Tags: republican_pron

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