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Obama: Tastey Terrorist Or Closet Coward...

Yes boys and NonPerkins, the comments on Is President Obama A Liar Or A Coward? You Decide. offer the usual drift of liberals.

Can there be a war crimes tribunal that will be run simply by congress? And get all botched up like the previous issues with IranContraGate, where those involved in off shoring the funding of state sponsored terrorism under the Evil Liberal Reagan Era Whiners, were all ultimately allowed to walk, since they had all been issued Congressional "use immunity" grants.

At which point, no matter what the independent counsel's office found, there was the onus of proof problem, namely that the government had to show that the evidence was derived completely free standing from any testimony put forward to congress.

So here is an objective standard:
Since the Economy Recovers in 2009,
I mean would bernanke LIE to us?
There will be no need for a war crimes tribunal.
At which point there will be no need to pardon any of those engaged in the torture process.

I must confess I LOVED That would be in the butt Bob... since it appears that the only way to make sense about the harman v. goss/gossling crisis of who is the Bigger Zionist SPY, is, well, the problem of who is going to roll over and become state's evidence in the Pending Media Phrenzy about the Torture Trials...

{ for those of you new to that part, the WAR in DC is heating up about whether or not a Puppet Toady of The Obamanation Kliquests has always been the Paid Zionist Agent of The Jeruselem Zionist Occupation Government that is trying to destroy our white christian america with their, well, UnChristian form of Zionism. So there is this discussion about whether Liberal Democracts can really be the paid agents of Israel - or is that really a part of the typical Gossling Attack Pattern of Smearing the Liberal Left so that everyone understands that this is not about the torture issues, and what ever happened to the legal evidence... }

I think the real issue is how will the Obamanations get this stuff on Fox News, since clearly without it coming across positively on Fox News, americans will not accept it as Fair And Balanced....

So IF suddenly Fox News Media Blitz ratings were to dip, then having a series of Show Trials in which the radical hard left wing of the KlintonestaLiteRegime is put on trial for their Abuses of the Free Market would be a great ratings improvement! I mean we could have "tortured for the state" as a pay per view opportunity for TrueFoxNewsOnCable...

But this would still not require that we actually have any war crimes tribunals.... Nor that we have to deal with whether or not american laws should still be legal....
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