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Why the GOP MUST embrace Gay Marriages.

GOD it has a lot of good reasons, such as expanding the area that divorce lawyers can go sleazing about, but most importantly, to STOP some of the sheer brain Folly!
Yes, “a diet of Andrew Sullivan” would likely prove rather salty. And as a Powerline blogger steps into yet another unintentional double entendre, we can sleep peacefully, knowing all is right in the universe.

Meanwhile, Johnson’s co-blogger is also shocked that a sitting president “has time to read nonsense by an internet shill who, lacking facts to support his argument, makes them up.”

This, of course, has never ever happened before.

Assrocket’s advice: Obama should poach his torture talking points from Ann Coulter. We thank him for his concern.

[ cf What’s Next? Free Gay Marriage For Terrorists? ]

There is no real reason that one needs to start sending out those GadarWaves in the hope of building up enough of a back ground, that folks will understand that they did not draft you to go into the "Hostile Fire pay zone", for the simple reason that they some how thot you were gay - even if you were also trying to get the dickCheneyBailOut by being HetroMarried.

IF we just LEGALIZE Gay Marriages we can simply broaden the dickCheneyBailOut to allow draft dodgers to duck and cover under the guise of merely being married!

This would simplify the problem of all of this subliminal GadarWaves and affectations for Failed Drag Queens like HanoiAnnie Coulter....

Now MORE than EVER get the GOP to support Gay Marriages so that these FREAKING DRAFT DODGERS can find a safer way to cope with their unrequited draft dodging urges and needs!!!

Anything Less and We Will Have "Queer Eyes For Those Al-Qaeda Guys!" as red staters keep sublimating their sublimations...
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