drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Putting the Dubya back into Wmas!

Well All Soul's days is rushing towards us at breath taking speed. For the Heathen Idolatorous America Bashers, that is the traditional start of the massive excessive marketting of products as the retail sector attempts desperately to establish a positive position for their portfolio's and to empty their inventories prior to the traditional end of year sell of the excess for strictly tax purposes!

It is normally also the time when the Heathen Idolatrous America Bashers embark upon their emotional angst and ennui about what new way can they persecute our White Christian America with their mere Political Correctness Rhetoric!

But no MORE!

Now that all true patriotically corrector than thou persons of good faith accept that the Argument from Intelligent Design establishes the Divinity of the Divine Miss W! Then clearly it is in the best interest of all true patriotically corrector than thou persons to Rally To the One True And ONLY civil diety celebration festival and support putting the Dubya back into Wmas!

Clearly now more than ever Americans Need to remember the important things that have come to pass, and give up those failed evil liberal pre-9/11 mindsets. They need a way to celebrate the brave new day in america! To come together as a nation that knows that Under the Omniscient and Omnipotent tutelage of the Divine Miss W! The Greatest Military Leader EVER! There has not been one effort by foreign devils to Attack the World Trade Center! These great new days of freedom and prosperty are the True Gifts of the whole Wmas Season! The time when the family can gather around the traditional seasonal shrubbery and share their chestnuts roasting on an open fire! Freed from those dark days when they use to pay high expensive electrical bills, back when they could still afford a fixed address where the Utility Could Bill them!!!

Yes, this year should be a Greater Wmas than any of the previous Wmas Season, because now all americans understand the importance of opening new and improved shrines to the Divine Miss W! And that without those Shrines and Alters, around the nation, where all can come and worship that which the Argument from Intelligent Design Demands, are all that stands between us and the Evil Forces of Evil Doers Everywhere!!!

So when those who Oppose the Divinity of the Divine Miss W! The greatest military leader EVER! Embark on their traditional america bashing, god hating, just remind them that they must support the President to Support the Troops! And that one fully supports that which the Argument from Intelligent Design Demands! And that one will not put up with anyone who is soft on international evil doers! That one has a cellphone and the department of homeland security on speed dial, and that one is not afraid to use it!

Clearly that will help everyone everywhere fell the annual seasonal spirit the way that the Argument from Intelligent Design Demands!

So what do you say! Let's put the Dubya back into Wmas!

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