drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Apple Seeks Destruction Of Free World!

In the Continuing HORRORS of the Godless Unamerican MarxianistNationalSocialistCommunistPhascistCyptoPapistSatanicKultRitualims, new rumours are flying:
What happens when two super-hyped tech companies collide in the rumor mill? You get a Tweetintosh. That's right folks, the rumor mongers are saying that Apple is in late stage talks to acquire Twitter for as much as $700 million. The Mac maker is reportedly hoping to have a deal in place with Twitter by June 8 in time for Apple's Worldwide Developer's Conference in San Francisco.
[ cf Apple-Twitter Deal: Just a Rumor? ]

What more proof do we need that Obama is trying to destroy freedom and take away our guns!

Or was that the clear and compelling proofs that Mac's Cause Capitale Gains Tax Cuts, and we ALLL know where that leads!!!
Tags: geek_stuff, republican_pron

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