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The Federal Trade Commission is investigating whether the close ties between Apple's and Google's boards of directors violates antitrust laws, the New York Times reports.

Apple and Google share two directors, Google CEO Eric Schmidt, and former Genetech CEO Arthur Levinson. According to the story (free subscription required):

The Clayton Antitrust Act of 1914 prohibits a person's presence on the board of two rival companies when it would reduce competition between them.

[ cf Report: FTC Probing Apple/Google Ties ]
Makes me wonder if these COMMUNISTS by invoking some 1914 law have copies of Komrade Party Leader Vladimir Ilyich Lenin plastered on their office walls like the College Frat Boy Socialists they must be!!!

How can ANYONE impose the sort of God Hating America Bashing hard left excess jack booted repression that can only come from Radical Hard Leftists like Dear Old Dick and his Polyvynal Regulators!!!!

{ no, seriously - the idea of a progressive era bill being used after the whole world changed on 911, I mean, what next? Komrade Mom In The Comrade Momovitch??? Clearly NOW we must have the Teabaggers for Freedom defending
Apple and Google from those folks who are not going Gilda enough. }
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