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Are YOU doing YOUR Part to protect US from Liberal Media Persecution?

My EvilLiberalParasite Friend wanted me to look at Gun-toting hatemongers: They're ba-a-a-a-a-a-ack since he felt it was interesting that Max Blumentahl went to gun shows, and found that there is an interesting set of marketting paradigms at work in the WonderLand World, where folks are not as interested in getting Mortars, ATGMs, RPG, and other High Explosive Technologies that are really useful for actually implementing a 'well regulated militia' - since, well, uh, that would be almost as dangerous as putting one's self at risk for "Hostile Fire Payzone Income" and the inevitable technical concerns about how much of that is Tax Free...

I love the idea that the right to own guns is a right given from GOD.


Now why is it that none of these wingNuts can ever find the part in the Bible where God outlines the correct construction of a fire mission plan that integrates Artillery Fire, Mortar Fire, and point defense systems into a fully co-ordinated attack and defense plan?

I mean, we were clear enough when Iraq was defending America from Iran, that a fully integrated fire mission plan should include things like the use of Chemical and Biological Warfare Agents in the area suppresssion role. And YOU CAN NOT Tell me that some Secular Humanist Communist Like Saddam Hussein was allowed to do that without being cleared to Read The True Christian Bible...

Or is that REALLY the problem here.

Fully Integrated Fire Mission Planning is a step into the Danger Zone that may be a risk to the cash flow position, and as such may not be a Gooder idea.


What if there had been a gooder reason for a National Guard System, that was a State Asset unless Federalized...... Or does that way take us back to the time before 9/11 and all that scary stuff.
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