drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

The South Moves North...

WOW, not since they Won against the Yankee's at Gettysberg have we seen such a mission accomplished dance:
Gasps filled the courtroom and some had to be restrained by sheriff's deputies as they tried to rush the defense table after Derrick Donchak, 19, and Brandon Piekarsky, 17, were acquitted of aggravated assault, reckless endangerment and ethnic intimidation for the death of Luis Ramirez.

Piekarsky was also found not guilty of third-degree murder for the death of Ramirez, who died of blunt force injuries after an encounter with the teens last summer.

However, the all-white jury of six men and six women from Schuylkill County jury found Piekarsky and Donchak guilty of simple assault.

The case drew national attention to the small town of Shenandoah, Pennsylvania, highlighting race relations and polarizing the community on who was to blame for the incident.

[ cf Some satisfied, others outraged with verdict for immigrant's death ]
Remember Boys and NonPerkin, when striking back against the Godless UnBelievers who are taking away our high paying jobs in the non-existent economics zones, that you strike hard, and fast, and make sure that the ambiguity provide a legal basis for showing that the Persectution of White Christian America by Radical Judicial Advocates is all a part of the HORROR of the current NationalSocialistMarxianistCryptoPapistZionistPhascistThingusOfPooh about big government and stuff.

that way it is not like it was a criminal as if it were a crime or anything.

{ hey kids, anyone want to talk about asymetric warfare? you know, formerly known as Insurgencies and stuff... }
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