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Deepening Communist Armed Aggression

The banks should not be negotiating with the government over this.

There comes a point when the right thing to do will be to set up a Maggie Sue--a manufacturing, transportation, services, and other business loan-guarantee authority owned by the government, a financial GSE alongside Fannie, Freddie, and Ginnie--to guarantee "conforming" loans to operating companies, and let the major banks wither.

Remember: the purpose of a financial system is to make new loans so that operating firms can obtain financing on reasonable terms. We don't care what happens to the value of old loans or to current-bank stakeholders as long as companies going forward can get new loans.

[ cf Ummm... This Should Not Be Happening ]

What? You mean that the Majikal Financial Centers that are on the brink of collapsing the Financial Industry because of their own internal failures should/could be abandoned and the NationalSocialistMarxianistCommunistPhasicstCryptoPapistZionists replace them with some sort of system based upon the idea that doing the actual mission were more important than merely making a Profit!!!!

If they Nationalize Warfare!
They Will Come For Your Fiscal Assets Next!!!!
But did any of the pseudo-cons who were all in favor of maintaining the Nationalized warfare model as a basis for no-bid socialist welfare to the private sector Homeland Security Investment Bubble willing to think that problem through???

Now remind me again what the down side here is???

If we would up with loan origination systems that were using the national currency as a way to create goods and services that would be purchasable by a national currency, rather than using say an Internationalized Currency.....
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