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PSA - Do Not Do Bad Drugs!

This Boys and NonPerkin is a CLEAR and COMPELLING argument why doing bad drugs is Bad!
Jack Kemp, the quarterback-turned- congressman who contributed early intellectual rigor and a dollop of star power to Republican-led “supply-side” tax cutting in the 1980s, died last night. He was 73.
Kemp “was to Reaganomics what Eli Whitney was to mass production,” conservative author William Buckley once wrote.
The Kemp-Roth plan had its origin in Kemp’s discussions with Jude Wanniski, the one-time Wall Street Journal editorial writer who spread the gospel of what he called supply-side economics. That theory held that government could spur growth -- and actually increase the revenue flowing into its coffers -- by cutting marginal tax rates, especially for those who produce goods and services.

Throughout the late 1970s, Kemp was “a tireless, itinerant preacher of tax reduction gospel to party audiences, business groups and even labor audiences,” Rowland Evans and Robert Novak wrote in “The Reagan Revolution” (1981).
“A decade of unprecedented job creation, entrepreneurship and prosperity has vindicated our formula for economic growth,” Kemp said at a 1991 celebration of Kemp-Roth sponsored by the Heritage Foundation, a Washington-based conservative organization. “It still astounds me to recall the arrogance with which liberals attacked our proposal to lower tax rates on workers and investors.”

[ cf Jack Kemp, Who Dealt Supply-Side Gospel, Dies at 73 ( emphasis mine ) ]
The tragedy here is that folks still believe that there is an intellectual rigor to supply side economics.

What a nasty and unkind thing to say about a person.

Forgive me if I remind folks of the IRONY of that 1991 comment, as well as the amusement it must be to all around us, as we continue with the Most Glorious Military Mission Accomplished Victory over the evils of the liberals of wall street...

Makes one wonder what sort of world it will become if we rolled back the Bush Tax Cuts to the times of the Reagan/Bush Era.... but that way of course would take us back into the problems of which 'intellectual rigor' we were planning to prosylatize as the True Gospel of The Correct Implementation Of The Argument from Divine Comedy....

So remember boys and NonPerkin, if you become a drug addict of bad drugs, make sure YOU have a clean obit ready before you croak, so that folks are not this RUDE to you...
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