drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Nationalizing Hooters????

ZOMGZ! What will the NationalSocialistMarxianistFreeMarketeeringPinkoRedBlueBlackFascistThem think of next as a part of their OnSlaught Against Our White Christian America:
It turns out that Miss California Carrie Prejean, already controversial for revealing her anti-gay marriage views during the Miss USA competition recently (she came in second), felt like she needed a little second-story remodeling to present her very best side during the contest. So her friends at the Miss California Pageant helpfully paid for breast implants. Anything for a homie!

In an interview Friday on "The Early Show," Keith Lewis, the co-director of the Miss California Pageant, admitted to helping Prejean get the breast job.

[ Cf Star Report: State pageant paid for Miss California's implants ]

What will the GunGrabbingPansyProGayHomoZeXualMarriageAgendanista think of next as a way to Destroy Freedom and make the land crawl with VeneZualoColumbianSomali Hugo "Saddam Hussein" Chavez Socialist Pirate MexiCanadianist Swine Flew!!!

Now this Clearly puts the NOM back into NOM, NOM, NOM!!!

National Organization of Marriage, if you know what we mean...


{ ok, "you can have my hooters when you rip them from my cold dead hands" meets "Dig Here, Dig Now, Nationalize the Hooters For Jesus!", next on Geraldo... }
Tags: republican_pron

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