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Why We MUST have Capitale Gains Tax Cuts!!!

The document shows how al-Qaeda, at least in 2001, embraced prosaic technologies like prepaid calling cards, public phones, computer search engines, and simplistic codes to communicate, plan, and carry out its operations.
[ cf Al-Qaeda used Hotmail, phone codes ]

the use of simplistic codes to communicate Plans!!!!

Smells like Godless Liberal Code Word for trying to push their Godless Agenda about Number Theory! Because as Godless UnBelievers they are NOT willing to Admit:
Number Theory!
Is Just a Theory!!!
Thus proving that Terrorists WANT access to Military Grade Math!

And we know that the ONLY way to stop that type of Gay HomoZeXual Marriage AgendanistaIsms is Permenante Capitale Gains Tax Cuts!!!!

Anything Less and the Terrorists Rebrand!
And use trendier Technology.

In related news:
Clearly, the rules of social networking engagement are still evolving. Either these tools are shedding light on business issues, or are they're just a distraction.
[ cf Down To Business: Are Execs Twittering Their Time Away? ]
Any Questions?

Starts with T, and rhyms with Jitters, and Stands for Pool Hall...

Which is why we need to have a Marching Brass Band, right here in River City, full of Teabagging Tuba Players willing to Terrorise the Twittering Of Terrorism with Technical Torturing....
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