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But The EVIL Liberals MADE us do it...

Oh boy, I so HATE the Whiney Sillies:
On 28 Apr 2009, The Daily Show with Jon Stewart interviewed Cliff May, who defended the US government's treatment of detainees from "The War on Terror" (sic).
Mr May has been described by others as defending or favouring torture, but here he said that he is against it, and that those who authorised it were against it, and drew lines that could not be crossed: no physical harm, only known high-value detainees, only if all else had been tried, only if they had information that could save lives. Less creditably, he also tried to suggest Mr Stewart said that one night's sleep deprivation was torture and forbidden, and that locking people in a cell was torture and forbidden.

Mr Stewart said that the treatment of detainees should not depend on who they are. This was the rule that the US had set, and followed for 200 years. If that created a risk in that some terror attacks might succeed, then that was a price for being a democracy. The treatment of detainees was not important so much for the detainees (who might be bad people) but for American citizens, that they would be able to hold their heads up high.

[ cf The Daily Show: Cliff May Interview ]
First off allow me to note the traditional american response:
Pants On Fire!
It is sooooo comical to hear the talk, now, about how they have always been against torture... and were always drawing lines.

This is why they went up to SERE School to see what was being done to AMERICANS as a part of prepping them to deal with the HORRORS of organizations that did not support the Rule of Law, and in particular the Laws Of Land Warfare.

Now remind me here how it is that playing ChiComGookSlopeHeadDinkMexiCanukianist is what we want our Interrogators to be doing?

No, Seriously, explain how that works....

What if the core problem here is that not only did the NeoConClownCarCrew lose the 2006 bi-elections, they were not able to push the Old Edsel over the top in the 2008 elections. And unless they get some major serious help here, many of these folks may not be able to lock up that book/movie deal, and may wind up trying to serialize all of their notes in the new Reader's Digest.

Assuming that they are not shipped out to do the rest of their life creating road underpaving from mountains.

What has happend to Jack Bauer? Where are the people who SHOULD be investigating Jack Bauer! When did Jack know that the president was being lead astray into liberalism, and away from Pure Torture....

That's What REAL AMERICANS want to know....
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