drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

ONCE AGAIN! Mojo Stabs Our Troops In The Back!

For those who don't know where I am going, I will try to shorthand it for you. This guy doesn't give a wet slap about kids learning math or not. It's all about the method, and the cultural currency it creates.

You see, EdM would appear to put some stock in the idea of exploration as a learning tool, and questioning and reasoning, as opposed to the older style of rote memorization.

This is -- no doubt -- a grotesque oversimplification, but for our purposes here it will do.

You see, the objection is not with what is taught, but how. The conservative cultural movement's opposition to modern science in general relies on simple rote memorization and acceptance of dogma.

Any teaching style that threatens to liberate the minds of children, to get them to explore and question that which is taught them is an anathema to the movement as a whole. This is part of a grander cultural critique that informs their opposition to everything from gay marriage to abortion rights to pushing Christian prayer in school and the Genesis Creation story taught as literal cosmology.

[ cf A Post a While in the Posting... ]

Any system of education that does not reveal the answers by divine revelation will act as if divine revelation where not the Divine Way Of Revealing, and thus inevitably leading to Moral Collapse, Capitale Gaines Taxes, and the complete Collapse of western Civilization as we knew it.

Thus any form of Math Education Plan that does not start with Prayers, rituals, and the correct incantation, is just the same old Jack Booted Iron Fisted Lock Step Of Liberalists On Walking On Their Hands!!!
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