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More Newer Wars Than Ever Before

Chrysler's chief spokesman, Jason Vines, took on major oil companies Monday, saying they had failed to combat high gas prices, demonstrating outright greed.

Vines' blog posting reflected rising tensions between auto makers and the oil industry over stagnating vehicle fuel economy and high gas prices. Auto makers have not generally commented publicly on friction with the oil industry.

"Big Oil would rather fill the pockets of its executives and shareholders, rather than spend sufficient amounts to reduce the price of fuel, letting consumers, during tough economic times, pick up the tab," he wrote on an official Chrysler blog, thefirehouse.biz, which is open only to automotive journalists and industry analysts.

The piece was in response to an ExxonMobil ad alleging that the American automobile industry had not improved efficiency over the last 20 years, he said.

[ cf CnnMoney: Chrysler takes a jab at Big Oil ]
What can one say about this?

Clearly the Great War President Will Need to resolve if this conflict can be resolved without having to nuke someone, anyone, as a part of
the War On Evil Doing Evil Doers.
Who Are Evil
And Do,
And Ers...
Stand Bye For Further Retractions, Denials, and hopefully some TV worth watching as we get to learn who has the bigger war chest and the better force deployment in this most impressive Military War Of Whatever...

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