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Elvis In Love Triangle With Pope on the back of Martian Flying Saucer

Glendon has turned down Notre Dame's highest honor, the Laetare Medal, because she said, she would not be seen as somehow balancing a commencement speech by President Obama whose policies on abortion, birth control access and embryonic stem cell research clash with church teachings. I observed that she had, however, accepted her appointment to the Vatican from George W. Bush, although the Catholic Church strongly opposed the Iraq War as theologically "unjust.".
[ cf Are war casualties morally equivalent to abortion deaths? ]
Well... There you have it.


I mean, how can we keep our white christian america american in a time of Transferring the Tax Liability unto the Unborn Baby UBU, if these GODLESS UNBELIEVERS keep suggesting that Papists are in any way american?

Clearly anyone who did not fully support Dubya's policy of restoring the IranqIStani Wetlands, as mandated by radical left wing EcoTerroristsDirtWorshipping DOGMATISTS, just....

Uh, which is still the official reason why it is stabbing the troops in the back because of that IraqiThingiePooh about wetlands, restortation, and the Not-RINO explanation???
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