drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Why Is The War President Abandoning The Troops In The Field?

Has anyone else noticed that Dubya has not played Dress Up in Military Uniforms...

... since the Mission Accomplished, "dance with who brung ya", where he ditched the crew of the S-2 that brought him on board in hope of getting Lucky with one of those Tom Cruise Wannabe Jet Jockies.

Now the president is turning down the use of Nuclear Weapons, or so he says, LA Times: Bush Rejects Iran Reports and Bloomberg: White House Plays Down Report on Plans for Iran Nuclear Strike. Shouldn't Americans Expect More From Their War LORD^H^H^H^H President?

There were Alexander the Great, Julius Ceasar, Attilla the Hun, Genghis Khan, Bismark, The Little Corporeal, and now Dubya!!!

Shouldn't he just get back up on his great white charger and go and do what must be done as he plays all four of the four horsemen of the apocalypse!!!!
If the Blue Dress Does Not Fit!!!
You Must Acquit!!!
And simply because he has corsetted himself so tightly with his political war rhetoric doesn't really mean, well, that it actually fits as well on him as on other players....

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