drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Teach Me How To Play Nice with PsuedoCons?

Remember what that bulletin was intended for? To give law-enforcement officers in the field a heads-up about the potential risk posed by right-wing extremists, which is enhanced considerably by the presence of a military background.

Too bad the wounded egos of a bunch of loudmouthed demagogues who insist on a ridiculously tendentious reading of the factual contents of a serious domestic-terrorism report are more important than the lives of those law-enforcement officers.
[ cf Two more officers killed by a right-wing extremist with a military background. But don't insult our veterans! ( emphasis mine) ]
No, seriously....

What is the obligations of those who support sending the troops into a hostile fire payzone, and the need to make sure that they get home in as much of one piece as the trooper can muster....

I can appreciate that for PsuedoCons who have no real experiences with the reality of Asymetric Warfare it may be fun to blather about their commitment to Seccession.

But Asymetric Warfare kiddies is SCARRIER when you are out of the Military - away from the pleasan safety of knowing that the ballistic grade battle rattle is not merely a fashion statement....

What if the nation were to criminalize sending troopers in for strictly domestic poitical gain?
Tags: war, war_crimes

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