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Will we have to bury our dead alone?

It's the new political correctness, I gather, not to ever suggest that anyone who's ever served in the military is ever capable posing a threat to law-enforcement officers or the general public. That was the whole upshot of the recent fake controversy over the DHS report on domestic terrorism.

In the meantime, what do you know: Yet another shooting of police officers by an angry and paranoid man with a military background. And just like the last one, this one believed Obama was going to come get his guns:

[ cf Two more officers killed by a right-wing extremist with a military background. But don't insult our veterans! ]
For those of you outside of the veterans community. I will try to be POLITE.

For those of you who have spent time bringing a memeber of the tribe off the wall... and this is not the first time around the Veteran's Community has been abandoned by the Pro-War Types - we should all start working our networks again to make sure that folks are coping.

Yes, I get it. The Pro-War Types and their psuedo conservative fellow travellors LIKE the sound of being pro-war, but just as they are not planning to get into the Danger Zone, they have not been all that useful at helping our formerly citizen soldiers make the transition back to a peace time rear area footing.

So Yeah. Once again the Tribe has been abandoned....

May I remind folks of Jonathan Shay's Achilles in Vietnam, as a nice starting place to look at the problems of the 'the betrayal of character'. Traditionally it has been relegated to the topic space:
Unpleasant side effect of the recent Military Hostile Fire Pay Zone Sequences
But there is that other side of 'spitting on the vets' that is the dark crawlie underbelly....

The Pro-War Types who need to deal with their own War Guilt and Survivors Guilt, having not put themselves in Harms Way. That process leads to an even more disgusting form of dehumanizing vets - turning them into the mere pawns of the 'class warfare' so trendy amongst the Pro-War Types.

So excuse me if I do not OFFER any polite safe 'drieuxish' play words.

My Tribe is Still BLEEDING.

UPDATE: corrected typo in subject line...
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