drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

WHAT? The Law is LEGAL in america?

I mean, what is with that:
A court has rejected the Obama administration's claim of the state secret privilege.

Via the blog Legal Pad: A three-member panel of the 9th circuit Court of Appeals ruled this morning on a request from the government that it dismiss the Jeppesen case, which focuses on the CIA's extraordinary rendition program.

[ cf Court Rejects Obama Admin's State Secrets Claim ]
Now for the tough qutestion:
Will the Obamanation Team appeal?
Will they turn to the radical hard leftist Scalia Court!
And their Super Special Knowledge about the True Super Sekret Constitution!
The Ones the Founding Fathers Would Have Written!!!
{ - if it were not for the persecution of Liberals }
And will that wind up as a New TV Series On Fox News, as we learn about how Jack Bauer had a Time Travel Machine that he tortured out of godless liberals that allowed him to see the true TruthierTruth...

Or is the REAL HORROR that the Obamanination will allow the Radical Judical Activists, who are legislating from the Bench their Radical Hard Left Stands, to remain as the current state of the legal debate on how much extra special sauce one gets as Great Leader, Holder of the Majik Wand Of Wonder, Defender of the Argument from Divine Comedy, and Protector of the Faithful.

Also to soon be a new HIT Tv Series on Fox News, as we follow Jack Bauer as he tortures the truthierness out of those who fail to accept the True Vision of the Greatness of GreatLeader, the WarPresident, and not the wimpy civilian president who let a mere court impede him, and we all know that courts do not have any armoured flying saucers!!!!
Tags: republican_pron, war_crimes

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