drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

No, Republicans Really DO support The Band

Oh Whew, ‘Greed’ — We Thought He Meant The Band once again the Evil Liberals are confused!!!

They show a viewGraph about the new era of irresponsibility and blame the republicans for trying to distort the facts, when as everyone knows BillKlintonLite and his Father BillKlintonLiteInTheLoafers were always Puppet Toadys of the International Godless EuroCommieSocialistFascistNationalSocialistSocialismByOtherNames Kabal of Evil!

Thus the chart is chartastical, as the surge was, which is why there never were any american troops in IranqIstania, where the vampires cavort with Lycanthropes about sound economic policies.

You SEE!!! the liberals are irresponsible and stabbing our troops in the BACK!!!
Tags: republican_pron

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