drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

More At War Than Ever Before

He says the Pentagon is taking over much of the responsibility for covert "deniable" military operations from the CIA, in what amounts to an "intelligence coup" within the US.
[ cf BBC: US rebuts 'Iran covert op' claim ]
But remember, these are the same DOD folks who opposed Hersch's Write Up on the problems with Torturing Detainees.

The DOD would do a whole lot better in all of this if their batting record were, well, different. The US Military has won convictions against how many american troops for engaging in War Crimes in Afghanistan, Iraq, Gitmo, et al... And at present how many command level elements (0-5) Colonel and Above are at this point Plea Bargaining for their testimony in these Matters??? Which makes one wonder how many of the Flag Rank Officers will be able to get a Scooter Libby Sweat Heart Deal for rolling over and becoming state's Evidence.

But Gosh, other than that,
If The Blue Dress Does Not Fit!!!
You Must Acquite!!!!
as it is your patriotic duty to support the Troops In Iran!!!

Anything less and there might be a greater threat of an international war crimes tribunal...

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