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Fox Crushed Under NationalSocialistCommunistFascist Radical Judicial Activists

Fox and the other networks went to court, arguing that this sudden change in policy was unjustified and unwarranted.

But the Supreme Court upheld the new policy today in FCC vs. Fox Television and confirmed the government retains broad power to police the airwaves.

"The commission could reasonably conclude that the pervasiveness of foul language, and the coarsening of public entertainment in other media such as cable, justify more stringent regulation of broadcast programs so as to give conscientious parents a relatively safe haven for their children," Scalia said.

Although the ruling is a defeat for broadcasters, they can urge the FCC to revise its policy, now that President Obama is appointing new commissioners. They could also urge Congress to revise the applicable law. The court also said the broadcasters can go back to the federal appeals court in New York and argue the policy violates the 1st Amendment.

[ cf Supreme Court upholds regulation of 'indecent' language on TV ]
Well, there it is.

Komrade Destory Our White Christian America Scalia is clearly in bed with the Radical Hard Leftist Obamanation Against GOD!
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