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The mojo wire offers up the usual suspects.

There are two interesting postings Another Brick In The Wall wherein s9 fails to graps how complicated things can get when it comes to torturing the persons spouse and children as a part of facilitating the direct torturing of the enemy of the state, even if this does occur before the official declaration that we have detained an enemy of the state for further torturing.

Then there is My Head Hurtz where s9 is totally unwilling to accept the reality of how Completely discombulating a persecution of state sponsored torturing would be to him personally... since, well if informed sources know these things, we must trust that they know them for gooder reasons.

Even more so, when those informed sources assert that they need excuses by any means possible and that torturing the Skank out of UnBelievers to generate the excuses as confessions to the crimes is a part of the special things that only informed source would know, then of course, as the informed sources grow the consensus that they had always held that no matter how the torturing went, the facts would still be the same.

Clearly though, as we have noticed, since there is no concern about a loss of credibility, as noted in I Missed Henry Farrell's Observance of Charles Krauthammer Day!, we can only reasonably conclude that even if torturing the spouses and children of enemies of the state were really a crime in criminal law, like it is in the war crimes tribunal law, then it would only be a problem if there were an actual loss of credibility, but as we all know, no one is holding anyone accountable for accidentally opting to restore the IranqIstani Wetlands as jesus demanded!

So clearly the bible supported not only the Liberation of IranqiStania, but also all of the means and methods required to support the marketting of the project, as all informed insiders have grown the consensus.

Thus Liberals are WRONG and cause swine FLue.
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