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Purge The Papist Spawn?

A former U.S. ambassador to the Vatican said Monday she won't accept the University of Notre Dame's top honor at commencement next month because of the Roman Catholic school's decision to have President Barack Obama speak to graduates.

Harvard University law professor and anti-abortion scholar Mary Ann Glendon said in a letter to the school president that giving Obama an honorary degree violates the U.S. bishops' 2004 statement that Catholic institutions shouldn't honor people whose actions conflict with the church's moral principles.

[ cf Ex-envoy rejects Notre Dame award over Obama flap ]

What if this were about dissing the commander in chief in a time of war while the troops were still in combat?

Would this be a clear and compelling enough argument to have a pogrom on papists...

You know, for National Security Reasons, from an undisclosed location.
Or The Terrorists Rebrand
We are talking about the freedom of our white christian america here volks....
Tags: religion, republican_pron

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