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Did DubYa Leak The CIA Torture Papers?

Some will recall, once upon a time
No. The NIE's key judgments, made public by the White House days after they were leaked to Miller, said nothing about the alleged Niger uranium deal.

The only reference to Iraq's alleged bid to buy uranium is buried in the still-classified body of the NIE, and the State Department's intelligence bureau disputed the claim, according to a July 2004 report by the Senate Intelligence Committee.

Shortly before the 2003 invasion, the U.N. International Atomic Energy Agency determined the uranium allegation was based on crudely forged documents, and the CIA concurred. The Bush administration has acknowledged that the claim shouldn't have been made.

Bush has condemned leaks of classified information about secret U.S. prisons abroad and a wiretap program instituted without court approval and has called for leakers to be prosecuted.

Criminal investigations are under way into the leaks that the CIA has allegedly held accused terrorists in the secret prisons overseas and that Bush authorized the National Security Agency to eavesdrop on Americans without warrants.

[ cf SJM: Q&A on Bush's decision to leak intelligence data (emphasisis mine) ]
So now that we know that the so called classified documents that were leaked to make the government's case were in no way related to the case the government was trying to make, and that the president is still fearful about the torture issues.

Is Dubya trying to get a Plea Bargain Arangement Going? Or does he just hate himself, and america, and hopes that someone will stop him before he accidentally starts Nuking To Save The Iranian Wetlands?

Or is this more of Dubya's Cry for Help:
Plot Outline: An innocent young man discovers that a dark underworld exists beneath the surface of his seemingly quiet hometown.
( Blue Velvet )
and that folks reallway will be nice to him, if only they understand it is NOT HIS FAULT!!!
If The Blue Dress Does Not Fit!!!
You Must Acquit!!
Since it really was not his fault, he was forced to attack all of those countries and people, because they were not nice to him....

So if everyone in america would just start singing Blue Velvet, maybe all of this would go away, and everyone would feel safer, without having to Nuke More People!!!

So Start Singing Or We WILL Have to Start Nuking People!!!

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