drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Why are The Radical Hard Leftists Persecuting White Christian Americans

I did nothing but promote a video of folks supporting troops, and Charles Johnson has slanderously accused the video of being a British National Party anti-Muslim rally — for it is he who is made of racist accuse-me footage Hitlers. UPDATE: LOL! Look at the hippie fruitcakes protesting the National Front!
[ cf Can wingnuttery be cured? ]
Now do not get me wrong here....

I think that everyone accepts the fact that the Litttle Green Footballs were always a radical hard left DickCheney Stab The Troops In The Back Peace Freak collection of Defeatists Cut And Runner Appeasers, so why are the Evil Liberals Blame God Fearing White Christian America for the failures of their NationalSocialistCommunistFascistLibertarian Reactionary Deviationalisms????


Thank GOD we have RoboBushCheneyParis!
They Shiney!
And fashonably fashionable!!

And not drifting on the winds of domestic political expediency like a Leaf From Serenity The Smoking And The Bandits In Space Themed Hatred of Our White Christian America!!!
Tags: bushcheney2008, republican_pron

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