drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Obamanation Destroys Innocent Children!

An Americorp victim's advocate will be present to provide support and referral services to anyone who needs them.
[ cf Clothesline Project kicks off at SNHMC ]
Well... There you see it.

The Red Communist Hard Left Fascist National Socialist Klique of PinkoBlack Fellow Travellors of the God Hating America Bashing Obamanation are clearly going beyond mere in Propogandizing on the orders of the Somali Pirate Potato King that Rules the EVIL VenezuelaColumbiaEuroVisionLand of The Sinister Hugo "Saddam Hussein" Chavez!!!

Now there has to be Victim's Advocates to help children CRUSHED under the jackbooted, iron fisted, lock stepped, hand walking Horrors of AmeriCorp!!!

Tags: republican_pron

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