drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

it is 4/20, do YOU remember Your Ideological Deviationalism?

Clearly in the time of TeaBaggers, it is important to remember if you support the TRUE MissSpelling of Johann Georg Hiedler or are YOU the sort of GodLess, Stab Our Troops In THE BACK type who believes that they should be forced to take the spelling of Their Painted Hussy Mummy, who had them out of WedLock, as a part of the GODLESS AMERICA BASHING horror.

Or were you just going with the time to meet at the statute and fire up a copy of Ayan Rand and Abbie Hoffman to prove that you were a True NeoConClownCarCrew type and were not afraid of the HORROR OF DRUG ABUSE that all of the Godless HATE AMERICA anti-drug propoganda of the Evil Liberal Regime that wants to use the Fascist Communist Power of the state to destroy the FreeMarketeers, who all look like Annette, with the MouseKarTears Ears on, if you do enough of the Special Sauce from Ayn Rand...

Not that I would want to imply that being a NeoConClownCarCrew type is driven by the drug induced side effects of Barbarrella....
Tags: republican_pron

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