drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Tom DeLay goes Gilda not Gault...

The conventional line of political argument was always that we are virtuous and hard-working and if we are poor it is because the evil others are manipulating the system to steal from us--and, indeed, that's what Tom Delay is about when he talks about welfare recipients. But there is no argument here that New Jersey and California are rich because they manipulate the system--instead, the idea that there are other states that are richer than Texas is simply something that Tom Delay has never learned.
[ cf Why Does Tom Delay Think Texas Is a Wealthy State? ]

So why did he opt to talk to the Godless America Bashing Radical Hard Left Extremists in the Evil Liberal Media in the first place?

Or is the problem here that Tom "tax cuts in a time of thingus" DeLay is still coping with his whole unresolved issues about the Beach Blanket Movies..... and so never took the time to learn math stuff, so that he would be able to know which parts of
Number Theory is Just A Theory
was still operable about which numbers were bigger than other numbers....

I mean, clearly if the GODLESS CALIFORNIANS and their GODLESS NYC Communist Red Film Propoganda was destroying the brain cells of INNOCENT CHILDREN like Tom DeLay, then now more than ever we must stop the Godless Heathens, and liberate VenezuelaColumbiaIranqIstan from the HORRORS of Hugo "Saddam Hussein" Chavez, and the evil Somali Pirates that they are controlling with their Beach Blanket Bingo Secret Decoder Rings!!!!
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