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A Troika Of Communist Films.

One of my DERANGED friends wanted to do a film night with some of the high school high musicals and the King and I.... I of course offered that we could think of a fun trilogy of Anna and the King, including both the 1946 and 1999 version, as well as the Obligatory King and I - which would of course show the progression of the Domino's Falling across South East Asia over time.

But that is not the Implemented Form of the HORROR!!!

NO!!! UnNAMED RedFellow Travellors opted for Komrade Troika:
* What's New, Pussycat?
* Beach Blanket Bingo
* Serenity
The later of course, I had to point out to my friend
Serenity, the movie, is merely Smoking and the Bandit In Outer Space
Since think about it kids, it is all about these boot leggers running against the law...

No seriously, think about it, Smokey and the Bandit comes out as a part of the KulturKampf about deregulating the Trucking Industry:
Motor carrier deregulation was a part of a sweeping reduction in price controls, entry controls, and collective vendor price setting in United States transportation, begun in 1970-71 with initiatives in the Richard Nixon Administration, carried out through the Gerald Ford and Jimmy Carter Administrations, and followed up on in the 1980s, collectively seen as a part of deregulation in the United States.

The United States government regulated transportation modes until the deregulation wave swept into a series of federal legislative acts beginning in 1976 with the Railroad Revitalization and Regulatory Reform Act. The deregulation of the trucking industry was kicked off with the Motor Carrier Act of 1980 (S.2245), which was signed into law by President Jimmy Carter on July 1, 1980.

[ cf Motor Carrier Act of 1980 ]
and if there is anything that americans are More Prouder Of, it is the GLORIOUS Military Victories, that have been the Regulation Deregulation that has lead to total Mission Accomplished over the Godless Evil Liberals of Wall Street....

Ah yes....

So we start out with the first film Woody Allen ever stepped out to play act that he had been near actors at some point in his life. Who can argue that the film is anything but the sort of Klear and Kompelling Attack on our White Christian America, because it is set in Godless France, and with heathen actors.

The HORROR of Beach Blanket Bingo teaches america that they are going to be subjected to these types of vicious and Brutal Assaults by the Spawns of the Godless Disney Land, year, after year, after year, until the Capitale Gaines Taxes destroy everything.

Ok, so my friend asked,
When do the tanks show up?
So that they will stop the singing and dancing...
having felt that nothing can rescue america from the horrors of one more musical number, like main forced assaults by heavy armoured formations, just like the Bible Demands.

Which of course brings us to Serenity, and what is the real messsage about life in the happier, and kinder times, when the Evil Obamanationist Regime sends out their True Believers to Crush the Will of the Evil Godless Free Marketeers who are living on the fringes of society....

We might of course talk about the other theological issues here, such as, is there really going to be that happy moment when we all get to escape from planet earth to go live on the happier places, because, well, the evil liberals have ruined all of the resources and over populated the planet so that no one can actually survive on planet earth....

Since how exactly WERE the liberals suppose to get us to both the Space Flight Technology, and the destruction of the ecology, based upon little more than waiting for the right market signals to mandate that it was finally a market viable time to create the inter-stellar transportation systems. While at the same time, getting us all to a place where there was no longer the sort of Free Energy Systems available.....

Now do not get me wrong here.... just because some people think that it will take more than 6,000 years to generate all of the fossil fuels... is, well, their problem. But it is a part of the discussion here.

How much of our culture is driving the various myths of the market. Whether we are talking about Woody Allen, the film maker, who is such a 'sixties icon' of american horror! Or the Horror of the Surfer Beach Flicks, which Evil Disney Land spoof in That Darn Cat ( the 1965 version, not the godlesser 1997 remake - since we need to see how the whole 'surfer kultur' is all a part of the horror here....

How much of the Horror from the first of the Bruce Brown surfer films, were merely started with the 1958 slippery when wet, and would ride through the horror of the Dead Presidents in Point Break showing that at some point, things will devolve into some HORROR form of Serenity, as the criminal element, engage in the crimes against the Alliance, simply to move stuff around...

Clearly what the nation needs is a revitalization of the Film Industry that will focus on restoring the Traditional White Christian American Way of life...
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