drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

More Teabaggers Going Gilda...

God Hating America Basher Number One who is PERSONALLY RESPONSIBLE for His Vicious and EVIL Liberal Main Force Assault on White Christian America by FORCING the Radical Hard Leftist DearOldDickChaney on The WeakSister BillKlintoneLite, and as such clearly caused the Beauchamp Affair - he offers me the Ballon Juice.

It seems that the Critical Guy,
A senior enlisted Army soldier was convicted on Wednesday of killing four handcuffed and blindfolded Iraqi men with pistol shots to the backs of their heads shortly after arresting them in Baghdad two years ago, The Associated Press reported.

A military jury in Germany, where his unit is deployed, found the soldier, Master Sgt. John E. Hatley, guilty of premeditated murder in the deaths of the men, whom he and several other members of his unit had detained after a firefight with insurgents in Baghdad in spring 2007, according to testimony in the case.

( cited from Op Cit )
is, well, gosh, not quite the DAHLING of the whole affair any more...

But as yet the TeaBaggers have not been as clear on what impact their DECISION to stab Master Sgt John E. Hatley in the back, now that he is merely a convicted war criminal.

Since, well, to deal with that part of the issue, would mean, uh, that they would need to revisit how they slammed Beauchamp....

Ah yes.... ( cf Morning Thread: Epilogue - and if you have the stomach check out the wankers at exurban league... )

Girls, Girls, Girls!!!
We have another Gilda to Put On!

Maybe more TeaBaggers will look better when they learn how to get their makeup to match their wardrobe.
Tags: republican_pron, war_crimes

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