drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

TeaBaggers In Texas Take Fed Money - becaue they hate the guac!


Those GOD Hating America Bashing Texas TeaBaggers have come out of the corner as whiney snivelly Welfare Statists who Support the HORRORS of Red Communist Obamanations Before GOD! Rather than backing their Governor and his clear and clarion call to break up the union and sell of the remaining assets for Cash to the lowest bidder as the Dictates of the Free Market Will Decide!!!

NOW MORE THAN EVER!!! America has learned the hard lesson that they should have elected a Tough Texas Governator, like The Great Dubya, and his Flying Monkey Squad Of Zel Miller Laser Death Ray Eye Cyborg Killers!

BUT NO!!!!!

They had to have 8 more years of Failed KlintonesatIsm!!!!

{ I mean seriously folks, we went from Bill Klinton to bill clinton lite, to the Special One Who Hates America!

How could it be otherwise, since had it been otherwise, then there would have been some time in the last fourty years when there had been a republican in the white house, rather than all of these KLINTONESTA, and their TeaBagger Fellow Travellors!!! }
Tags: republican_pron

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