drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

TeaBaggers ARE NOT GAY!!!

I don't care what Godless Unamericanists, such as You are Dumb note about the recent TeaBaggingFest.

But TeaBaggers ARE NOT GAY!!!

They are not asking for any special privileges, like they were in some sort of Special Olympics, since they understand that since they do not have representation, and are in fact advocating the armed overthrow of the established government, that they really want to just be left alone after they have undergone special rendition to those High Value Information Extraction Facilities!!!

Because TeaBaggers are NOT GAY!!!

and they understand that clearly Jack Bauer will be able to figure out if any of them will ever be allowed back on the streets after they have committed their special little crimes by being associated with the whole teaBagging ThingiePooh, since clearly if any of them are known to have been known to any of them, then any of them will be condemned as the sort of Terrorists they are for having palled around with anyone anywhere who might have been near to someone who knew someone who might be the sort of terrorists that we would have to have Simple Flat Out Tortured To Skank.

None of that Whiney Revolivng Door of Justice Crap where Evil Liberal Judicial Activist FORCE their Godless Habeus Corpus Latin Papist Unamericanism on Them!!!

And there is CLEARLY no reason for any form of Special Rendition, Teabaggers are NOT Gay, they will go with the average run of the mill renditoning...
Tags: republican_pron, torture, war_crimes

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