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A Brief Mea Kulpa

There for a moment I had not understood sheer assininity, then I read the Comments over at MojoWire.
"why didn't the President just schedule a prime-time news conference?"

The President may have implicitly declassified that information in the public interest in order to disclose it to the New Pravda, buy you see— the disclosure itself was classified.

The President naturally has to aggressively guard the secret knowledge of precisley what national security information must be disclosed to reporters in the public interest, or the terrorists win!

[ cf s9's evil comment ]
Well there you have it, Scott McClellan has openly aligned himself with the Terrorists by suggesting that there was a Declassifying Event, which compromises the classified inforrmation that retains which of the declassified information events were classified declassified information events.

Now i get it!!! When The Actual Real Imaginary Declassification Events Occur, it is clearly a classified event, and to release that information to the public would undo all of the work of the Actual Real Imaginary Declassificationn by letting everyone know that it was Actual, and Real, and Imaginary, hence why, for reasons of national security it had to be protected by being more effectively secured as classified than beforerereereeeereeere....

Why didn't I SEE the obvious.... Clearly
If the blue dress does not Fit, You Must Acquit!!!
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