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UnGodlyGayHomoZeXual Economists Threaten The Free World

If you’re not satisfied with Paul Krugman or Nouriel Roubini as your guide to the current turmoil, you can always rely on E.M. Forster. It was Forster who grasped the essential drawback of the Internet long before anyone else, depicting, in his 1909 story "The Machine Stops" a world in which individuals communicate in isolation via machine. It turns out he’s pretty good on 21st-century financial crises, too, mostly because the underlying processes remain so similar to those of a financial crisis he studied. Only the scale has changed.

Forster’s great-aunt Marianne Thornton helped raise him after his father's death, leaving him 8,000 pounds upon her death, when Forster was 8. That legacy gave him the financial cushion to become a writer. So he wrote Marianne Thornton: A Domestic Biography 1797-1887, stringing her voluminous letters together with scene-setting prose. As it happens, the fortunes of the Thornton family turn on history’s first episode of successful central banking: the Bank of England's intervention in the 1825 financial crisis.

[ cf The Panic of 1825: We Are Live at The Week ]
For the Typical Run Of The Mill HEATHEN unwashed masses type, E.M.Forster as the Wiki notes:
was an English novelist, short story writer, essayist and librettist. He is known best for his ironic and well-plotted novels examining class difference and hypocrisy and also the attitudes towards gender and homosexuality in early 20th-century British society.
Thus proving that all those who support the EVILS of the capitalist System are Gay HomoZeXual Pirate Canadianist Zombie DustBunny Breeding Marriage Agendanista who are not our type at all.

Sorry, from now on out, reading "Howards End", and it's Obviously Gay HomoZexual Marriage Agendanista "Room With A View" are strictly out, since they obviously cause Capitale Gains Taxes...
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