drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Oh God No, not again...

The Department of Homeland Security’s report on right-wing extremism is an overt leftist plot to label us “extremists” just because we reject the legitimacy of the US government.
[ cf It’s All Fun Until Somebody Pulls Out The Goldwater ]
Well, there it is.

The Obamanites are Rounding Up White People to destroy our White Christian America Because they are all Evil Ones doing Evil!

Can there be any doubt that this is ALL about Imposing More Capitale Gaines Taxes so as to Destroy Freedom and Give Every Marriage their Own Gay Person, so that they are all Gay Marriages?

What more HORROR can there be than a Socialist Welfare State Doling Out Gay People to people who were not planning to Marry Gay to begin with!!!
Tags: republican_pron

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