drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Stop The HindRocket Postulate!!!

As the wingnuttiness of a crowd increases, the likelihood that they will be unintentionally homoerotic increases exponentially.
[ cf The Hindrocket Postulate ]

Just becausse the Godless America Bashing Pro-War Crowd was all about taking it high and hard in the rear with the beer, rather than getting their little panties in a wrinkle by wandering into the Danger Zone, does not mean that they are all just a bunch of Godless Capitale Gaines Taxe Causing Panty Wasted Faggot Assed Wankers!!!

Some Times hiding behind Hanoi Annie Coulter's Panties is what a Real Butch Kinda Guy has to do...

Besides, simply because the Pro-War Wankers understand that Gays are to be excluded from the Military, and they keep doing everything to be excluded from the Military, does not mean that they are all GAY!!!

Why some of them just like to dress up like Hanoi Annie Coulter In Drag....

{ and do NOT make me get all financialized on you about the Economic Wankers... }
Tags: republican_pron

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